Indoor Herb Garden

Planting Herbs Indoors

An indoor herb garden can be the perfect, and convenient, solution for those who like to cook with fresh herbs all year round. They also make perfect sense for those who live in units or apartments with no access to a yard. Herb gardens can be grown indoors relatively easily, even for those folk who may be subject to frosts or snow in the winter months. Try these handy hints for a successful herb garden even if you don't have a "green" thumb.

5 to 8 hours of natural sunlight is best for optimal growing conditions.


When deciding where to position your herb garden indoors there are 2 main factors to consider. Firstly, and most importantly, is available sunlight. For those living in the Northern hemisphere, a window facing south will provide the most daylight. For those down under, the opposite applies and the best outlook will be a north facing window.

Kitchens are always a popular location as there is normally a window, water is easily available, and most kitchen surfaces are easy to clean if potting mix is spilled. Other alternatives are enclosed porches and sun rooms. Be sure to select a spot that is also relatively draft free and is not exposed to dramatic temperature changes. Those folk who live in overly heated homes with extremely dry air may need to provide their herbs with a little spray of water to ensure the leaves don't dry out too much. Most herbs will not survive over watering. Their natural climate is hot and dry. This does not mean that you should never water them, but it does mean they will need less water than a maiden hair fern, for example. Once the plants have adjusted to their new home and start developing new leaves, then you will be able to cut back on the watering.

Ideal Herbs For Indoor Herb Garden

While many herbs are perfect for growing indoors, it can be a great idea to ensure you are buying the mini-versions. Some herbs such as lavenders and geraniums can turn your window sill into a veritable jungle if you buy the size meant for the great outdoors. Try parsley, basil, mint, rosemary, chives, coriander, or tarragon to start.  Of course, if you have personal preferences for flavouring your cooking, or just for the great aroma, then be sure to add those to your indoor garden.

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