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All Herbs are £2.40 + P&P, Mail order herbs sent  by post - Minimum order of 6 herbs.

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Postage and Packaging

plants are sent out in packs of 6,

6 plants £20 including postage
12 plants £40 including postage
18 plants £60 including postage

Please order in multiples of 6 if possible (these don't need to be the same herb).

You can pay on-line with all major credit cards and debit cards or using Paypal secure authorisation system.

If you would prefer to pay by BACs give me a call 07901790734.  

We will accept cheques drawn on any bank within the UK.  Please make them payable and send to: Helen's Herbs, Holebeck House, Parkside, Cleator Moor, Cumbria CA25 5HD and let us know which herbs you would like and address to be sent to.

Our packaging is designed for the safe delivery of 9cm plant pots. Uk orders only. 

Helens Choice

6 Plants - A personal selection

6 plants that are right for the season or for a present

Golden Thyme

Thymus vulgaris ‘Aureus’

A hardy non-flowering variety which offers bright golden carpeting with its summer foliage.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Common Thyme

Thymus 'vulgaris'

Fully hardy evergreen perennial. Mauve flowers in summer. Small mid green leaves. Medicinal, excellent culinary herb. 

Doone Valley Thyme

'Doone Valley' Thymus

Fully hardy evergreen perennial. Purple flowers in summer. Small, round, lemon scented, variegated gold and green leaves.

Silver Queen  

'Thymus citriodorus'

Hardy, evergreen perennial, Pale pink/lilac flowers in summer. Small dark silver variegated leaves with a lemon scent.

Excellent culinary herb.

Lemon Thyme

Golden queen

'Thymus citriodorus'

Fully hardy evergreen perennial. Pink flowers in summer. Small dark green leaves which have a good strong lemon scent.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Orange Scented Thyme

Thymus 'Fragrantissimus'

Fully hardy evergreen perennial, White flowers in summer. Small, grey, green, orange scented leaves.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Tricolour Sage   

Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor'

Frost hardy perennial. Blue flowers in summer. Aromatic, oval, purple, green, cream variegated, textured leaves. Excellent culinary herb. 

Purple, Red Sage

Salvia 'officinalis Purpurascens'

Fully hardy perennial,  Blue, mauve flowers in summer. Aromatic, oval, textured purple, red, grey leaves. Excellent culinary herb.  

Common green  Sage

Salvia officinalis icertina green sage

Fully hardy perennial.  Aromatic, oval,

grey-green textured leaves.

Excellent culinary herb.  



An,evergreen variety with aromatic grey-green foliage and pretty small blue flowers in Spring and Summer. Very upright habit.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Prostrate Rosemary 

 'Rosmarinus officinalis'

Prostratus Group

Fully hardy evergreen perennial. Small pale blue flowers in spring and summer. Short dark green needle-shaped aromatic leaves. Excellent culinary herb. 

French Parsley

'Petroselinum crispum French'

Frost hardy biennial, Flat umbels of small creamy white flowers in the summer of the second season. Dark green, serrated leaves. Excellent culinary herb. good strong flavour.

Hidcote Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' Fully hardy, evergreen perennial, Short spikes of dark violet flowers in summer. Grey aromatic foliage. Excellent culinary herb. 

Munstead Lavender -  Not available 

Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'

Fully hardy, evergreen perennial. Short spikes of mid blue flowers in summer. Grey aromatic foliage. Excellent culinary herb. 


Upright variety. Tall growing and  attractive.  Excellent culinary herb.

Lemon Balm Variegated

'Melissa officinalis'

Fully hardy perennial, Clusters of small cream flowers in summer. Oval toothed and textured lemon scented leaves. Excellent culinary herb. 

Chocolate  Peppermint -   not available 

'Mentha x piperita' Fully hardy perennial,  Purple/pink flowers from summer to autumn. Very dark brown, oval, pointed, toothed, strongly peppermint scented leaves.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Traditional Garden Mint

'Mentha sativa'

Fully hardy perennial, Mauve flowers from summer to autumn. Green narrow serrated leaves. Excellent culinary herb. 

Apple Mint

'Mentha suaveolens'

Fully hardy perennial. Mauve flowers from summer to autumn. Oval hairy mid green leaves.

Excellent culinary herb. 


Perennial marjoram with attractive foliage.Spreads quickly, and is easy to grow on well drained soils.

Adds lovely flavour to Italian dishes.

Creeping Red Thyme 

 'Thymus serpyllum coccineus'

Fragrant and fast growing ground cover thyme. Fully hardy perennial, aromatic and suited to well-drained soil.

Lemon Verbena

'Aloysia citrodora'

Frost hardy shrub, deciduous. Delicate small white flowers in summer. Highly fragrant lemon scented leaves. Excellent culinary herb. 

French Tarragon 

Artemisia dracunculus'

Frost hardy perennial, Rarely flowers in the UK. Aromatic long narrow smooth green leaves which have an anise flavour. Excellent culinary herb.

Lavender Meerlo not available

Pointed, serated leaves. highly scented tactile, soft leaves.

Flowers mid summer


Allium schoenoprasum'

Fully hardy perennial, Purple globe shaped flowers in spring. Leaves and flowers have mild onion flavour.

Excellent culinary herb. 

Garlic Chives   

'Allium tuberosum'

Fully hardy perennial, White star shaped flowers in summer. Excellent culinary herb, very mild garlic flavour. Use leaves and flowers in salads, etc.

Pineapple mint 

'Mentha Suaveolens


Fully hardyperennialHt upto50cm.White flowers on rounded cream and green hairy leaves. Add to salads. Thrives in full sun. Nice addition to a hanging basket.

Curry Plant

'Helichrysum italicum'

Fully hardy, evergreen shrub. Tiny mustard yellow flowers in summer. Very silver nearly white leaves which smell of curry. Some culinary uses.

Curled Parsley not available 

'Petroselinum crispum'

Hardy. Prefers rich, moist  soil.

Winter Savory not available 

Satureia Montana Winter

A hardy perennial her with small pink and white flowers. The leaves have a peppery, spicy flavour. good for containers and window baskets etc.  

Oregano common  


Perennial and easy to grow, producing flowers in summer.Good culinary herb.

Morrocan Mint not available

Mentha 'Morrocan'

Excellent dark green mint for teas and culinary use. Produces a flower in late summer

Bergamot  not available 

'Cambridge Scarlet '

Bee Balm. Aromatic, fragrant perennial herb with gorgeous red flowers in mid summer.  

Mint ‘Basil’ not available 

Mentha 'Basil '

 a rounded, slightly purple tinged leaf.

Excellent culinary herb with aromatic scent. Good to replace basil in Mediterranean dishes.

Ginger Mint  - 


Attractive yellow and green edible mint. Great for teas and cocktails.

Bronze Fennel

Perennial herb with beautiful foliage and flowers. Use in soups and stews. For flower arranging and aromatic. Great for attracting pollinating  insects to your garden.

Sweet Chamomile not available 

Fast growing, aromatic  herb which produces a daisy like  flower which are good for tea. Good  ground cover and for containers. keep wel watered.


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